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History of the plant

History of the plant

from 1944 to the present day ...

Fierce frays were still going on in the summer of '44, and economy devastated by the war started rising from its knees. The only companies that completed the first orders in the liberated town of Baranovichi were Engine Repair workshops - progenitors of the modern machinery production, and Baranovichi Automobile Units Plant is one of them.

On August 9, 1944, when on the grounds of Resolutions of CNE (Council of National Economy) of BSSR No. 197 as of April 28, 1944 the Head of the regional Baranovichi. Land Department of the People's Commissariat for Agriculture of BSSR issued a decree on the organization of Baranovichi Engine-Repairing Plant (order No. 21 AS OF August 9, 1944).

1944-1945 - from that day the labour life history of our plant begins. The first director - Fedeneev Mikhail Filippovich - was appointed. Automobile and tractor engines repair and manufacturing of spare parts is carried out at the plant.

1946-1950 - An experienced professional, engineer Anikeychik Konstantin Nikolaevich was appointed director of the plant. His name is connected with the history of plant construction and development from small workshops to the enterprise it became in the sixties.

1951-1958 - Speed and power techniques of cutting metal were introduced at the plant. The plant started repairing cars. GAZ-51, ZIS-5, ZIS-120 underwent major repair.

1959 – The plant began to specialize in the production of car assemblage.

January 1960 - the factory was renamed into the automobile units plant.

June 1960 -the enterprise was renamed into Baranovichi Automobile Units Plant.

1975 - PA"BelavtoMAZ" was formed, and our plant became a part of it. This has become a new landmark in the life of the collective.

Mounts and assemblage supply to the assembly line of MAZ by the plant required improvement of technical and economic features of the products and, therefore, the plant has been actively cooperating with several research establishments.

1981 – 1989 - Kalenikov Anatoly Yakovlevich was appointed director of the plant. The plant set up production of steering mechanism 540 for the car family "BelAZ". The company store, shipping department, presswork department threw open the doors . The construction of the machine assembly site on the issue of telescopic hydraulic shock absorbers, fitted out with new high-efficiency equipment and advanced technology was completed, which allowed to establish smooth process of production and timely shipment of shock absorbers to the consumer.

Since the beginning of the 90s until the present time the plant has been developing new products demanded by the market: the shock absorbers and dampers for railroad train and subway cars, steering mechanisms of semiintegral type, link arms, cab lifting pumps, torque stay rods, cardan axles of steering system and others.

2010 – Yurkevich Vitaliy Aleksandrovich was appointed director of the plant.

In 2013, OJSC "BAAZ" became the holder of the award of the Ministry of Industry for achievements in the field of quality.

In modern conditions the main goal of the enterprise is to increase efficiency and competitiveness in the domestic and foreign markets. Thereby the introduction of the quality management system at the plant in accordance with international standards ISO 9000.must have become the main business function.

Baranovichi automobile units plant is a core company that is located in the city centre and environmental problems of our enterprise become problems for the entire city. Understanding its responsibility for increased environmental requirements, we were among the first in the country to receive the national environmental system certificate of environmental management in accordance with the requirements of STB ISO 14001.


Re-certification of QMS according to ISO/TS 16949:2009 with the participation of the IATF (UK) representative was performed in March 2014.

The purpose of the management system functioning of the plant is the creation of conditions for ensuring conformity of production requirements, environmental protection, labor protection, satisfaction results by the consumer (customer) (owner, staff, society, government, provider) and other stakeholders.


It is a systematic approach to the functioning of the plant management system that allows to produce competitive products and to provide a comfortable environment for all stakeholders.


Thanks to the efforts, the plant has a permanent stock of orders. Currently, the products of the company goes to such assembly lines, as JSC "MAZ", JSC "GAZ Group", LLC "Likino bus plant", OJSC "KAMAZ", OJSC "BelAZ" and many others.