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Environmental protection


Environmental protection


So as to ensure the safety and quality of the environment, to protect the health of the population OJSC "BAAZ", being a mechanical-engineering enterprise, pays much attention to the results of the impact of its activities, products or services on the environment. To achieve high environmental effectiveness the plant needed to accept the obligation to apply a systematic approach to solving environmental problems of industrial activity.

Environmental management system (EMS) against compliance with the requirements of STB ISO 14001-2000 was implemented at the plant in 2003

Since 2003, the plant has acknowledged the received green passport of compliance of environmental management system with the requirements of STB ISO 14001-2005 three times (in 2006., in 2009 and in 2012).

Establishment and operation of the environmental management system has raised environmental image of the plant as the enterprise conducting a great job in the field of environmental protection and the improvement of product quality.


The main directions of improving environmental activities at the plant are:

1) exercising constant industrial control over water consumption, emissions of pollutants into the air and separate collection of residuals;

2) exploitation of recirculating system of water consumption and the local water purification; 

3) transfer of equipment cooling systems to water recycling;

4) continuous training during the briefing on the protection of the environment;

5) reuse of waste;

6) assimilation of new products, the production of which has a negligible impact on the environment.

For the plant activity planning of the environmental protection Environmental Management Program is developed annually, which with the purpose of infusing importance is included into a Comprehensive program of ensuring the technical level and product quality.

Sanitary - industrial plant laboratory is accredited for technical competence in accordance with the requirements of STB ISO / IEC 17025 since 2004, confirmed the accreditation certificate in 2007, 2010 and 2013. Equipment of the laboratory with new control devices and expansion of the scope of accreditation of work performed is still going on. The laboratory conducts industrial and analytical control of:

emissions of pollutants from stationary sources into the air on their accordance with the statutory standards;

content of harmful substances in the air of the working area of shop floors and subdivisions, the physical production factors;

the efficiency of the gas cleaning installations;

- compliance with the established standards of quality of wastewater discharged. 


Accredited sanitary - industrial laboratory of OJSC “BAAZ” is accepting applications from incentivized Belarusian enterprises to carry out:

workplace air, wastewater, emissions of pollutants into the air testing;

measurements of temperature, humidity, light, noise in the workplace;

assessment of workplaces